Our Mission

Our Mission

"At the intersection of Art and Science is where true discovery, creativity and innovation happen." ~ Simone Wright

 MISSION: Art of the Cosmos


Through a powerful multi-media artistic event, Art of the Cosmos bridges art and science to provide a dynamic educational and creative experience meant to activate inquiry and generate enthusiasm about Space and the answers it holds for humanity.  

Art of the Cosmos is a 4-month long event featuring International artists from vast and varied disciplines including painting, sculpture, photography, music, light, video, glass, multi-media and digital; all inspired by the powerful images of the Hubble Space Telescope.  

The philosophy at the foundation of The Art of the Cosmos is that Art and Science are a part of a powerful Creativity spectrum, with Art existing at one end of the scale and Science at the other. The intersection where these two disciplines merge is where true and powerful Creativity is activated. Innovation, Imagination and Intuition emerge out of that center point and authentic discovery is made.    

True Art has strong science built into it - and elevated Science at its heart, contains a great deal of art ... at their highest and best, neither can exist without the other. Art of the Cosmos cultivates this common ground to plant seeds of curiosity, creativity and collaboration in the artists and audience alike.   

In addition to the multi-faceted art collection, the show will also feature ‘Art of the Mission’, which highlights some of the vibrant history and science behind the Hubble quest and introduces some of the future projects in development. Funds raised by Art of the Cosmos will be dedicated to Arts and Science scholarships and education.   

Proposed elements of The Art of the Cosmos Show: · VIP Opening Gala · Speaker Symposium featuring artists, scientist and astronauts. (Live audience and Live Streaming Event) · Special consideration to schools and education programs ·

 **Tentative show dates middle April – August 2020   

Art of the Mission

Learn more about the Hubble Mission and future projects.

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Come to the Show

Bring your classroom, group or party to the show.

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